Compiling C# using batch scripts
If you have installed .NET on your computer then you already have everything you need to compile C#. And starting a heavy IDE for a small project seems a bit overkill. Lets look at how we can build C# applications using command line and a simple batch script. [...]
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Run script only once using registry.
You have created complex batch script to do a job, typically a logon script in a domain with multiple workstations. It's not really practical to roll-out patched images every time we fix something, so scripting is the way to go. But often scripts should only run once, and running it a second time might cause dramas. [...]
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Rich text format to CSS
Rich text format files (.rtf) was quite popular a while back.. remember Wordpad on Windows XP? If you look at the file format you will draw parallels to CSS, and back in 2005 I was looking at a smart way to publishing documents online. The thinking was that I could use Wordpad to create articles, and basically convert it to HTML/CSS. [...]
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ARM7TDMI Deassembler
Back in 2000/2001 I was learning Visual Basic, and I thought I might aswell do something productive while learning a new language. So I decided to make a Deassembler for the new GambeBoy Advance that was just out. Unfurtunatly I got to busy with other things and the project was never completed. This is a working version but it doesnt have a complete list of all the op-codes. [...]
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