Making this map has been a journey outside my comfort zone, and bumping into big learning curves! It all started as an attempt to fix a broken map, but with no knowledge of map-making it was a very slow start with explore and test.

During lunch time at the office we are 6-10 people playing "Battlefield 1942" with the "Desert Combat" mod. It is an old game by today's standards but it was ahead of the curve in its prime time. It's low requirements and excellent playability means it runs smooth on low specs workstations with proper LAN gaming.

That map fixing did not go very well.. in fact I was not able to fix it at the time! Instead I decided to try to make my own map, and that map was "Bad Luck City". The map became a hit at the office, and every week I would bring in an updated version.

While vacuuming the net for knowledge on game development with Battlefield 1942 I found www.bfmods.com, which is an active modding community. And I gained more knowledge that allowed me to improve more, and fix issues I didn't previously understand.

The problem was that I did not seem to be able to finish "Bad Luck City". There was never enough quality time to work on it, and there was always new things that could improve it further...

After 6,287 objects to be exact it was time to call it! It was not bad for my first map, playability was there, and with almost 160 buildings it should be enough to be classified as a small city. I wanted to add co-op mode with bots, and add my own 3D objects (still need to learn how to!) but maybe for my next map..

As I did the last "build" of this map I noticed a comment in one of the config files dating back almost a year to the day! Even for an after work and weekend project it took a lot longer then expected!

Bad Luck City would never have been started or completed without the following people and resources:


SOME 3D MODELS: www.smig.name

3D MASTER-FIXER: Apache Thunder

QUALITY ASSURANCE: Aaron Pearce, Aden Martin, Benjamin Scholz, Brett Neukirchen, Carmen Leva, Daniel Rodriguez, Jade Timan, Jaden Head, Kalvin Inn, Kristian Simpson, Nick Angelkovski, Sebastian Tan, Steve Foster

Disclaimer: this map is highly addictive and should be enjoyed in moderation.
"Bad Luck City" is game map for "Battlefield 1942" by EA Games, and needs the "Desert Combat" modification.
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